F l y i n g   A s p i d i s t r a

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FA#1 Fylkingen Lightbox

FA#2 Stakenas/Lonberg-Holm

FA#3 Zingaro/Lonberg-Holm

FA#4 Lonberg-Holm - Anagram Solos

FA#5 Hug/Lonberg-Holm

Flying Aspidistra is an artist run cdr only label that releases recordings of high quality but minimal commercial potential.   These recordings are only available from the artists or by mail order from the Atavistic web site.

Flying Aspidistra has no budget for promo/review mailings so there are very few reviews but...

Massimo Ricci for Paris Transatlantic:

You'll rarely find a violin/cello duo richer in fantasy, inventiveness and – why not – lyricism than Lonberg-Holm and Carlos Zingaro. The improvisations on Flying Aspidistra #2 were recorded in Chicago in 2003; the music is snappishly spontaneous, taking shape in the space of a few seconds only to catch sight of itself in a broken mirror and run away. The musicians are armed with dazzling technique, as well as a willingness to give one another handsome presents and furuncular eruptions in equal doses. Zingaro can make his violin sound guttural and whistling, eligible for a pungent seance with any wacky troubled soul willing to stop for a chat. Lonberg-Holm saws and carves away in a spirit of dauntless exploration, constructing multicoloured kites that fly around his comrade's fiddling. These excellent tracks confirm both musicians' place on the cutting edge of radical string-playing, introducing the listener to new gospels of dissonant egalitarianism and plucky musical intelligence.
 Flying Aspidistra #3 is a direct-to-DAT series of duos for guitar and cello recorded in 2004. It's very different from #2, a tranquil, almost pensive album which only seldom abandons the prevailing mood of thoughtfulness and reflection. For the most part, Stackenäs works with delicately dissonant, resonant chords, which he lets unfold with a contemplative satisfaction without hurry or nervous juggling. Lonberg-Holm complements him effectively, elaborating elegant on-the-spot counterpoint and droning melancholy, spiced with heartbreaking contrasts in a sort of hybrid Veliotis-meets-Cora style. Even when the players immerse themselves in harsher kinds of meditation – as on tracks 5 and 6 – we can't help but appreciate the downright clarity of their interplay. Another unknown gem in the Aspidistra series.